About us

Every investor, sooner or later, despite all the risks, ups, downs and other nuances, will certainly think about the stability of their investments. Back in 2010, the leaders of Stable Dividends also thought about this, which brought together professional leaders, analysts and brokers from all over the world under their leadership.
Many years were spent on debugging the necessary skills, building the internal structure and policies of the company. During the 13 years of the company's existence, we have been able to expand from a small community of enthusiasts to a leading global company, with representatives around the world, which is engaged in the most profitable investment sectors.

In the course of many years of experience, the management as part of the Board of Directors decided to identify three main areas for investment: Forex, the stock market and real estate in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, the resorts of Spain and Greece.
Once a small group of enthusiasts has grown into a large company with a charter budget of several tens of millions of dollars, a huge staff and board of directors. The divisions were headed by the leaders who stood at the origins of the company. But one thing has always remained unchanged: stability and reliability in choosing an investment approach.

In addition, we are always considering new and promising areas of development, constantly expanding our staff, complementing our trading tools, investing in new projects. Thanks to the very rapid development of technology in our time, the team can offer to join us to any investor who, having passed a simple registration, without having a huge store of knowledge, can immediately become part of a large corporation.

In the future, our team plans to organize online schools that will provide training for everyone, exchange of experience, and creation of joint strategies. Thus, a single self-learning network will be created, which is the best fit for the main activity of the company - the study and creation of trading robots based on neural networks and artificial intelligence.

Stable Dividends is not just a project with a rich history, charter and ambitions - it is first and foremost a project created by investors for investors! We are always ready to provide our clients with all the tools for a high, constant, and most importantly stable income!

Stable Dividends only stable income!