Stable Dividends was created in 2010

by the group of real professionals, a command of independent traders who decided to combine their efforts to strengthen the investment market.
The team included young, ambitious entrepreneurs, analysts, investors from Germany, Italy, Russia, the Czech Republic and the USA. Over the 12 years of the existence of the project, the team has grown and strengthened, opening the offices in London, Prague, Budapest, Dubai, Milan, Gene (Delaware, USA), Berlin and Moscow. The head of the company Lincoln Wagner Austria's native of Austria decided to enter the company to the online market for work and ensure stable income to everyone.
In the process of many years of experience, the leadership of the Council of Management Directors was customary to single out three main directions for investments: forex, stock market and real estate in Dubai, the UAE, the resorts of Spain and Greece.

Available plans

0.8% for 15 calendar days
working time 15 days
Deposit amount:
Refund of a deposit
at the end of the period

About us

A once small group of enthusiasts has grown into a large company with a statutory budget of several tens of millions of dollars, a huge staff of employees and the board of directors. At the moment, Stable Dividends is studying the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence to create trade robots, following modern trends. The staff of analysts around the clock is monitoring profitable positions on the stock exchange, and brokers are studying new directions for the conclusion of transactions.

24/7 Support

A personal manager will answer all your questions 24/7.

Guaranteed payouts

We are an international company and have been repeatedly checked for solvency by aggregators. We guarantee payments to our partners through an offer agreement.

Quick withdrawal

It takes no more than 48 hours and is carried out on the same payment details.

Favorable rates

Everyone will find a personal investment solution depending on the desired yield, term and interest.